Boosting Ag-Input Financing for Potato Farmers in South Western Uganda

  • February 1, 2024

Agriculture is the backbone of South Western Uganda's economy, with potato farming being a significant contributor. However, the lack of access to financial support has hindered the growth and development of this vital sector. Agricultural financing plays a crucial role in providing the necessary resources and capital to help potato farmers improve their productivity and increase their income.

With adequate financial support, potato farmers can invest in modern farming techniques, high-quality seeds, fertilizers, and machinery. This enables them to enhance their production capacity, reduce post-harvest losses, and ultimately increase their profitability. Additionally, improved access to credit allows farmers to expand their operations, adopt new technologies, and explore diverse market opportunities.

Business Case Study: Keirungi Mixed Farms


Bunyonyi Distributors Limited (BDL) in close collaboration with Keirungi Mixed Farms (KMF); shall guarantee market accessibility for KMF and its out-grower network and establish post-harvest distribution channels using the MerchantX “Contract Farming” Protocol.

KMF represents a unique high-growth opportunity for commercial farming & is strategically poised to bridge the supply gap to meet the growing demand for high-quality Kigezi Potatoes.

Challenges Faced by Potato Farmers

Potato farmers in South Western Uganda face numerous challenges that hinder their progress. Limited access to credit and financial institutions has been a significant constraint for farmers who rely on borrowed capital to invest in their farms. The lack of collateral and credit history often prevent them from obtaining loans from traditional lenders.

Furthermore, unpredictable weather patterns, pests, and diseases pose significant risks to potato farmers. Inadequate irrigation systems and poor storage facilities also contribute to post-harvest losses. These challenges not only affect the farmers' income but also limit their ability to reinvest in their farms and improve their livelihoods.

Action Plan (Value Chain Approach)

Potato Production Course (1)  Crop Management Module (1)

KMF provides farmers with training and capacity-building programs to enhance their knowledge and skills in modern farming practices. By equipping them with the necessary tools and resources, KMF empowers potato farmers to overcome the challenges they face and achieve sustainable growth.

In addition, KMF pledges to support the sustainability of the BGE-Delphy Improvement & Training Centre (ITC); a partially subsidized SDGP social initiative that promises to drive the economically viable value chain development in the Potato sector of Kigezi.
  1. Potato Seed Multiplication for Sale to Potato Farmers — BGE-Delphy ITC
  2. Micro-Loans to Potato Farmers in Out-grower Network — Emata
  3. Contract Farming/Market Guarantee Protocols — MerchantX by BDL
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KMF has partnered with Batuma Community Foundation & Emata to establish efficient online-based supply chain financial services & establish the Keirungi Fund; a revolving social impact fund (SIF #KPFL001) primarily focusing on potato farming in Kigezi to enhance the sustainability of the potato farming industry & value chain. This SIF will provide easy-to-access micro-loans to Farmers in the Kabale region. These Micro-Loans enable Farmers to increase their capacity & maximize their productivity and efficiency.

Introducing Emata: Empowering Potato Farmers

2024A - Planning 1

Emata is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to empower potato farmers in South Western Uganda by providing them with much-needed financial support. Emata understands the unique challenges faced by these farmers and has designed a comprehensive loan program tailored to their specific needs. Through Emata, potato farmers can access loans at affordable interest rates, even without traditional collateral. The organization utilizes innovative credit assessment methods that consider farmers' productivity, market potential, and repayment capacity. This approach ensures that deserving farmers receive the financial support they need to thrive.

The Benefits of Financial Support for Potato Farmers

2024A - Planning 2

Financial support for potato farmers brings numerous benefits to both the farmers and the wider agricultural sector. By providing access to credit, farmers can invest in better seeds, fertilizers, and machinery, leading to increased productivity and improved crop quality.

Moreover, financial support enables farmers to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices, such as efficient irrigation systems and sustainable pest management techniques. This not only reduces their vulnerability to weather-related risks but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Additionally, increased financial support for potato farmers promotes economic growth and poverty reduction in South Western Uganda. As farmers increase their income and profitability, they can reinvest in their farms, create job opportunities, and contribute to the local economy. The ripple effect of improved agricultural financing extends beyond the farmers themselves, benefiting the entire community.

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